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September 2012
Special Edition Newsletter!
Enjoy this 8-page piece that provides more details on the clinical trial and is dedicated to all the courageous children and their families who helped make it possible. 
The Next Phase…
We’ve come so far in such a short period of time. But FTIs are a treatment, not a cure. PRF is using the knowledge gained from this trial to push research forward, testing other drugs in larger, more costly clinical trials. With our proven, fast-paced record of success and your support, Together, We WILL Find The Cure. DONATE NOW to help children with Progeria lead longer, healthier lives. 
A Special Thank You…
The wonderful news of an effective treatment is being heard around the world, as families, researchers, and PRF supporters celebrate this historic milestone. We pay tribute to the many wonderful people and organizations that helped make this day possible. 
The World Learns of Progeria Treatment
News of the first-ever treatment for Progeria is spreading around the globe, with dozens of media outlets reporting on this remarkable advancement. Click here to get to links on dozens of articles, radio clips and TV airings!

Click here to read our special newsletter on the findings.  September 24, 2012
WE DID IT! First-ever Treatment for Progeria Discovered!!
History has been made, with every child in the first-ever Progeria clinical drug trial showing improvement in one or more areas of their condition, proving that the FTI drug lonafarnib is the first known, effective treatment for children with Progeria. 
ONEpossible ™ Campaign Reaches its Goal!
With the help of over 1,000 people, we raised $200,000 by June 30th for Progeria research. Thank you for being ONE who makes a cure POSSIBLE!!  April 2012
Progeria Takes Center Stage at Prestigious TEDMED Meeting
15-year-old Sam Berns captivates the crowd with his views on what it's like to live with Progeria and participate in clinical drug trials.   May 2012
PRF’s Annual Report for 2011 is here!
From obscurity in 1999 to global prominence today, we are proud to detail another exciting year of advancements for Progeria and PRF.   February 2012
Number of Children Identified Continues to Soar
Thanks to PRF's "Find the Other 150" initiative, the global campaign to find all children with Progeria has helped attain an astonishing 85% increase in those identified. Now more children than ever can get the support they need. 


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