Cancer Survivor wants to find a cure for Progeria

Cancer Survivor wants to find a cure for Progeria


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Pietro of Harvey, Louisiana is no ordinary PRF donor. For the past several months, like clockwork, he has been donating $25 per month to PRF. After a few months, we asked him, You have been a consistent donor, what is your connection to Progeria? We found out that Pietro has no personal connection to Progeria. His answer was so inspiring, we wanted to share it with all of you: He had Cancer when he was in high school, but after a year of treatments he beat it and is now healthy. "Looking back on that experience, I am so lucky the doctors were able to cure me", he says. After learning about Progeria from TV, he was saddened that there is no cure. "If they had no treatments for me, I might not be here today". Because there are so many foundations devoted to Cancer, he says, he wanted to try to make a difference by giving to the one and only Foundation devoted to finding a cure for Progeria. "Every time I see a child with Progeria, I get a feeling inside of me of hope. The children have so much life in them, it puts a smile on my face. That's why I give".

Thank you, Pietro.

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