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PRF now has 7 Chapters!

In order to accomplish the best results in the shortest amount of time, PRF must become a part of local communities, with the help of organized groups. To that end, chapters are formed to help raise public awareness and conduct local fundraising events so that PRF’s goal of developing treatments and the cure for Progeria will be achieved more rapidly, to win this race against time for all children with Progeria worldwide.

In October 2005, The Progeria Research Foundation opened its first chapter in California. Since then, other dedicated supporters have organized chapters throughout the US - amazing!  

Please support a chapter in your area, and read all about the wonderful work these groups are doing to help in our quest for a cure:

California – led by the Foose Family in loving memory of Amy

Kentucky - led by Zach’s Family

Michigan – led by Lindsay’s Family

New Jersey- led by Zoey's great aunt

Ohio – led by Kaylee's family

Pennsylvania – Pittsburg area – led by Cam’s Family

Pennsylvania – Philadelphia – led by Nathan and Bennett’s Family and Friends 

Cameron’s big sister Riley admires the custom cake made
for the grand opening of the Southwest Michigan chapter.

The formation of chapters is vital to PRF's growth. Are you interested in starting a chapter? We will guide you through it and provide you all the support you need! Call 978-535-2594 or email us for more information. 

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