MISSION: To discover treatments and the cure for Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome and its aging-related disorders, including heart disease.

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Results of Triple Drug Trial for Progeria Published
July 11, 2016
Results of Triple Drug Trial for Progeria Published
The journal Circulation published the Progeria triple drug trial results, wherein two additional drugs, pravastatin and zoledronic acid, were added to the already successful drug lonafarnib. PRF continues to identify promising drug candidates that may offer children with Progeria longer, healthier lives – like our new two-drug trial.
New, 2-Drug Clinical Trial Begins!
April 2016
New, 2-Drug Clinical Trial Begins!
Our mission to cure Progeria continues: the drug everolimus is being added to the current lonafarnib treatment regimen, with the hope that the two drugs together will be even more effective than lonafarnib alone. Click here for exciting details.
TEDx talks hit 1 billion views; Sam Berns’ talk featured in global TED announcement
February 18, 2016
TEDx talks hit 1 billion views; Sam Berns’ talk featured in global TED announcement
He has taught millions how to live a happy life. And now, with TEDx celebrating the milestone of one billion views total, they have chosen Sam’s as one of 15 “amazing talks” to highlight. Check out our special campaign and what you can do to help. #LiveLikeSam





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