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Other Ways to Support PRF


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Donate by Mail

Click here for a printable form.

Make a Planned Gift

Join the Leadership by Legacy Society by including PRF in your will or estate plans. Here are suggested ways to make your gift:

  • Designate a specific amount or percentage of your estate in your will
  • Designate a distribution of stocks or bonds in your will
  • Designate PRF as a beneficiary of your life insurance, 401k or retirement plan
  • Name PRF as a residual beneficiary of your estate so that PRF receives your gift only after you have provided for your loved ones

Call (978)535-2594 or e-mail plannedgiving@progeriaresearch.org for more information.

Give a Gift of Appreciated Securities

Transfer shares of stocks or mutual funds directly to PRF. Avoid paying capital gains tax and receive a tax-deductible charitable contribution.

For any questions about planned giving, language to include in your will or trust, or to learn more about the benefits of joining the Leadership by Legacy Society, please contact: Robyn Glazer Milbury, Esq. Planned Giving Officer at 978-535-2594 or email plannedgiving@progeriaresearch.org.

Participate in Workplace Giving Campaigns

Does your company have a Matching Gift program? Click on Matching Gift Finder.

Maximize the Impact of Your Gift to PRF! Thousands of companies have matching gift programs that double or even triple the charitable contributions of their employees. PRF encourages you to contact your employer's personnel or human resources department to find out if they have a Matching Gift program or use our Matching Gift Finder. In some cases, companies will match gifts from retired employees, spouses, or members of the board of directors. If you know your employer will match your contribution, be sure to send a copy of your company's matching gift form when you send your gift to PRF.

Does your company have a payroll deduction program or participate in Federal or State Employee Giving Campaigns?

Payroll deduction giving is one of the best ways to support PRF. You can give small amounts with each paycheck that adds up to make a big difference. Donations are deducted automatically. It’s easy, efficient and affordable!

Does your company have a Volunteer Gift program?

Many others have donation programs that give money or in-kind donations when their employees volunteer a certain amount of time to the non-profit organization. (That's how PRF got a brand new IBM laptop computer, and $1000 from Pfizer!)

For more information about Matching Gift, Employee Giving, or Volunteer Gift programs, please contact us at (978) 535-2594 or e-mail donations@progeriaresearch.org for more information.

Donate your Car to Benefit PRF

Car, truck, and boat donations are a great way to support The Progeria Research Foundation. These donations are tax deductible for the full sales amount of your vehicle, a value that will likely exceed the credit you'd receive for a trade - it's a Win-Win for you and PRF! The Progeria Research Foundation will receive a portion of the proceeds generated from the sale of your used vehicle.

We have teamed up with a vehicle donation agent that handles the entire donation process, from taking your initial call, to providing all the necessary tax documentation, to scheduling free pick up. They will sell your used vehicle and give PRF 50% of the money received. It's a quick, simple, convenient way to give, (and to get!). To donate, please call 978-535-2594 or email us for contact information. Thank you!

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