RUN, RUN, RUN for Progeria Research!

RUN, RUN, RUN for Progeria Research!


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Several people have run in marathons on behalf of PRF, putting in a lot of time and effort into getting sponsors to donate money to PRF for their run. Here are a few recent runners that deserve a big thank you:

"OZZY OSBORNE" Runs for PRF Not only did Alan McWhirter train to run Dublin's 26.2 mile marathon in October, but also he decided to REALLY gain attention by dressing up as Ozzy Osborne for the race! Through sponsorships from friends, family and colleagues, Alan raised over £600 for Progeria research - a true Miracle! " I ended up really enjoying my time dressed as Ozzy Osborne", says Alan, "It was great to do so much yelling!" And congratulations, Alan, for beating your previous best time for a marathon by 27 minutes!

New York Marathoner and long-time supporter of PRF Niamh Clinton completed this famous race while raising money for PRF. Many of his colleagues at Alliance Capital management made donations that were matched by the company. Great job!

Susan Sykes raised 300 Pounds - over $500! by running in a race in England this past summer and has pledged to do it again next year. Training in her PRF t-shirt, Susan had a great time. "When people asked me what Progeria was, I explained it to them, so maybe people will become more aware." We're sur e they will, Susan!

Susan is all smiles after completely the race.


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