Texas "Project Progeria" Group Raises Money with Car Washes, Garage Sales and More!


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In July, PRF received $1637 from the Project Progeria Organization based at the University of Texas in Arlington. Project Progeria is made up of about 8 college students, and although they may be a small group, their will and desire is as strong as a pack of running backs! They have held many fundraisers over the 4 years they have been together. This most recent Donation was the result of braving scorching 100 degree weather for car washes, staying up late to prepare fresh fried rice and roll up egg rolls for a food sale, and gathering their belongings for a garage sale. All this and they still wish they could do more! Their purpose is to "spread awareness within their community" and to "support medical research that can one day revolutionize science". We appreciate their tremendous efforts!

Project Progeria members that have dedicated their time to the organization over the years include: Iris Baccam , Angela Nguyen, Minh Le, Linh Le, Tuan Tran, Tuan Vu, Tony Nguyen, Mary Nguyen, Pradeep Bodige, Jae Shin, Sabrina Chen, Susan Na, Young Cho, Esther Choi, Shawn Oh, Vinh Le, Truong Vo, Huy Nguyen, Ngoc Vu, Tiffany Do and Iris Baccam, along with their advisors: Dr. Mitchell Badon and Dr. Allen Saxe.

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