Translators Continue to Bridge the Communication Gap

Translators Continue to Bridge the Communication Gap


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Dozens of people have graciously given their time and talents as translators. They provide a critical service, enabling us to disseminate and exchange information without having language as a barrier. Many families of children with Progeria feel isolated because their child has a rare disease; this isolation is compounded by the fact that many do not speak or understand English. With their help, language is no longer an obstacle to communicating with PRF, doctors and other families. They have enabled us to reach virtually every known family in the 12 different languages they speak.

Ishtar, one of our only Turkish translators, recently summed up how he felt about his contribution: "I am happy to help when I can. It does not take that much of my time, and being useful in this way is the greatest reward." Thank you, Ishtar, and all the others who help make it possible to communicate with all of the families worldwide.

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