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Recently published findings show the long-term benefits of lonafarnib have increased life expectancy by 35%!


Thanks to YOU, PRF continues to make a dramatic impact on the length and quality of life for those with Progeria!

PRF co-founder and Medical Director, Dr. Leslie Gordon led a study* published in the world’s top cardiovascular journal, Circulation, showing that the longer those with Progeria stayed on lonafarnib, the greater the survival rate. Those who’ve taken it for 10+ years have an average 5-year, or 35%, increase in life expectancy.


YOUR support got us to 35%

Please help us get to the CURE!

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*Gordon, L.B., Norris, W., Hamren, S., et al. Plasma Progerin in Patients with Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome: Immunoassay Development and Clinical Evaluation. Circulation, 2023