California Chapter

October 2005: PRF’s First Chapter Opens in California!

Amy Foose, 1969-1985.

Located in sunny California, the group is led by Terry Foose, mother of Amy Foose, who had Progeria and for whom the Amy Award is named.

The Progeria Research Foundation, California Chapter Board Members:

  • Terry Foose, Chairman/Treasurer
  • Chip Foose, Vice Chairman
  • Lynne Foose, Counsel
  • Donna Vincent, Secretary
  • Julie Waasted, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Carol Caughlin
  • Lindi Foose Oltmer
  • Jodi Foose
  • Patrice Botto

The eager group met at Chip and Lynne Foose’s house, with PRF’s Executive Director Audrey Gordon making the trip to the west coast for the historic, initial meeting. The chapter’s main goals are to raise awareness and funds, and recruit members to further PRF’s mission to develop treatments and a cure. Lots of great ideas were discussed on all of these topics, and the chapter has held several car-related events given the Foose family’s well-known connection to the world of automobile design and restoration*. Many of the events are now annual, as car show organizers join in the commitment to cure Progeria!

On April 23, 2006, PRF’s CA chapter raised money at the Wheels and Waves Show in Santa Barbara, organized by the Foose family friends Dick and Eileen Howett. Lots of people donated to our collection cans, and bought PRF wristbands and raffle tickets for a set of Foose wheels and a custom Real Fire Flames paint job by Kurt Grimes. The events raised $5,000 – hats off to the California Chapter for such a successful first event!

Bobco Party for Progeria is a Huge Success

Bobco Auto of California held their annual F-100 Super Tour kickoff party in April 2006 in Lake Elisnore, but this year they decided to make it a fundraiser for PRF, raising over $24,000, WOW! The event was sponsored and organized by Pickups Limited’s Bonnie and Bill Lee, along with Bobco’s Bob and Shirl Carvajal. Dan and Cathy Cangro of Vintage Vinyl Mobile DJ service donated their time and played music all day, and dozens of vendors donated thousands of dollars in product for the auction and raffle. California chapter president Terry Foose attended, selling raffle tickets and thanking everyone for coming. Click here for a special thank you from the folks at Bobco.

“We are hoping to make this our first annual event and to top our donations in the coming years” said Bob and Shirley, “It was a true pleasure being a part of the miracle that is happening in your research. As our customer, Bob Wells quoted ‘No man stands as tall as when he stoops to help a child’. God Bless you and your Research team.” And bless all of you, too, for your incredible support.

The line-up!

Sam and Terry Foose congratulate Milton Miller, winner of the ‘truck in most need’ award.