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January 23, 2011 in Mountain Lakes, NJ: Team Zoey hosts “Spin for Life”

Team Zoey Does it Again!

Back of Spin For Life T-Shirt

Spin-for-Life event raises an astonishing level of funds and awareness.

On Sunday, January 23, Team Zoey held the Spin For Life fundraiser at the Lakeland Hills YMCA in Morris County, New Jersey, raising over $25,000 from pledges. The four hour even, split into eight 30-minute sessions, was full to capacity, with cyclists of all experience levels participating. Everyone had a great time, especially the two enthusiastic supporters who spun for the entire 4 hours!

Here’s an excerpt from the special post-event message sent by organizer Barbara Batesko, Zoey’s great aunt:

Dear Friends, Neighbors, Volunteers , Spinners, and Sponsors:

I want to thank all of you for participating in our first Team Zoey Spin For Y. Because of YOU we have raised over $25,000!! While some of the people who participated were our friends and neighbors, a huge group of people did not know me, our family or Zoey. However, once they heard about what we were doing they jumped at the opportunity to help by donating their two most precious things: their time and money. In addition, while many of the people who came out were regulars, many had never done spinning before.

We had seven volunteer Spin Instructors who did a fabulous job of keeping the spinners motivated throughout the day and an incredible group of volunteers who worked to check in spinners, give out our t-shirts and keep them hydrated with our Team Zoey smoothies.

So, on behalf of PRF, Team Zoey and all the children with Progeria, we would like to thank you for all your help making the SPIN FOR LIFE so successful.

Together we will find the cure!

Barbara Batesko

Volunteers Hunter Batesko (Zoey’s cousin)
and Will Pirolo

Volunteers Joanne Winter, Megan Luciano
and Vickie Allison

Karen Carolonza- Spun for 3 hours and she
would have done all 4 but we made her get
off the bike because we needed it for someone else!