Charity Race for Harvey's Birthday

Charity Race for Harvey's Birthday


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In July, friends and family gathered in Bradford, MA at the home of Renee and Scott Jacobson, daughter and son-in-law of Harvey Freeman, in honor of Harvey's 60th birthday. Hobbie horses purchased at a local toy store were auctioned off, and the high bidders participated in a race for the charity of Harvey's choice, which was PRF. How did the race work? Golf balls were placed in a bucket, numbered 1-7, and picked out one at a time by the audience for each race participant, who advanced according to the number on the ball picked out for their "horse". Freddie Gaynor was the lucky first-place finisher, but PRF was the winner, having received $220 in donations!


"Horse" riders Freddie Gaynor, Harvey, Judy Waterman and Adam line up for the big race 

Scott Jacobson auctions off one of the horses
Harvey volunteers at the PRF office once a week, stuffing envelopes, counting collection can money, and various other wonderfully needed tasks around the office.
Thank you, Harvey, his friends and family!

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