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Help PRF reach its Volunteer Fundraising Goals for 2018!



You are the driving force behind our ability to fund research and educate the families, their doctors and the general public. With your help we can achieve new heights and envision a better future for children with Progeria.

Decide today that you will impact the lives of these remarkable children by getting involved. Become part of our ever-growing, energized volunteer fundraising team!


Youth and School fundraisers:

  • Conduct a bake sale at your school or place of worship
  • Hold a charity dance or concert
  • Choose PRF as your Bat/Bar Mitzvah project
  • Hold your birthday party for PRF – instead of receiving gifts, ask your friends and family to donate to PRF
  • Hold a car wash in your community

Corporate and Adult fundraisers can join the fun too:

  • Conduct a bake sale at your office
  • Organize a 5K road race in your community
  • Join with your co-workers and hold a weight-loss challenge
  • Get your company to sponsor a ONEpossible Team

We will give you all the support you need – A supply of newsletters and/or brochures, and lots of moral support! Of course you are free to develop one of your own creative ideas into a fundraiser, as many of our Miracle Makers have done.

Now that you’re ready to hold an event, please review our  Fundraising Policies.

If you have any questions, please email Thank you again!

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Now more than ever, your contribution makes a difference.

Featured Volunteer

Selfie with Zoey

We are so pleased to introduce you to Julia. She is one of our many dedicated, enthusiastic, fun and creative volunteers! Here is a beautiful note from Phyllis Falcone, Nathan and Bennett’s mom and founder of Fighting for Their Future.

“When we first met Julia a little over a year ago, she was doing a research paper. Being a parent of children with a disease so rare, we have been contacted on numerous occasions by students wanting to do school reports on Progeria. I am terrible about getting back to people so Julia was forced to be persistent and we are so glad she kept calling!

We finally arranged a meeting and Julia was very quiet when her parents dropped her off at our house. Being quiet is typical behavior for a sixteen year old at a stranger’s house but what followed was anything but typical. We thought the meeting at our house would be the last we saw of Miss Julia. Yes, she said she wanted to volunteer with fundraising for PRF but often people do not know how to help or get busy with other things. Little did we know that Julia was very serious about her commitment and not your typical teenager.

In the past year and a half, Miss Julia (as our kids call her) has done some amazing things! She raised $1000 at her Sweet 16 birthday party, organized a dance party for her high school friends which raised $3000, made and sold hair accessories with proceeds going to PRF, volunteered at all of our fundraisers and most recently organized and held the first Walk for a Cure at Penn Charter High School.

Julia has become one of our biggest advocates for raising awareness about Progeria as well as fundraising. Beyond fundraising she has become part of our family. She loves each of our kids and goes to crazy lengths to do things for them! Although we do pay her for some babysitting, there are many times she comes over just to play with the kids which is a huge help for us! She has so much energy and thankfully she has channeled that energy into helping children and families like ours. She is the shining example of how one person’s efforts can impact the lives of many people. Julia is a wonderful role model for our kids, especially our daughter and we are so happy to have her in our lives! We are so glad she was persistent in contacting us and even happier that her persistence is paying off in big ways for the Progeria Research Foundation!”

From everyone at PRF, THANK YOU Julia, for all you do to help kids with Progeria!