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Find The Children

What is the “Find the Children” Campaign?

“PRF’s ‘Find the Children’ campaign is our global search for children with Progeria. If we can FIND the children, we can HELP the children, by providing them with a life-extending treatment, access to future clinical trials, and connections to other families of children with Progeria.”

Dr. Leslie Gordon

Medical Director, The Progeria Research Foundation

Public awareness of an ultra-rare disease like Progeria is critical to educating doctors, families, researchers, and the general public on the disease and PRF’s mission.

PRF’s ‘Find the Children’ campaign is a strategic awareness initiative focused on finding children in areas of the world where we believe many are living – undiagnosed and untreated.But in order to help the children, we must find the children.

To that end, we’ve created informational materials about Progeria and PRF’s exciting progress to raise awareness, educate and help the families, their doctors, researchers and the public about Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome – available in many languages below. You can view and download an infographic on Progeria and PRF’s research-related programs, as well as a more comprehensive double-sided information sheet (for printing).

Help us make an impact! Please share these widely to inform those in your country or region about our vital mission to help all children around the world with Progeria. While we’ve made amazing progress finding, diagnosing and treating many children, there are still an estimated 150 – 250 children around the world with Progeria to be found, to be treated, and one day, to be cured. With your help, we will forge ahead until we find them all!


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As of June 30, 2024, we know of 154 children and young adults with Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS), all with a progerin-producing mutation in the LMNA gene; and 56 people in the category of progeroid laminopathy (PL), who have mutations in the lamin pathway but do not produce progerin; in a total of 52 countries.

What Can You Do?

If someone you know or a patient you treat has Progeria-like characteristics, please contact us at