Our Brochure and Logo

Click here to see our informative brochure!     PRF Brochure

Our brochure has been updated 5 times, to ensure that this centerpiece of information includes the most recent information on our ever-growing programs, including the clinical drug trials. With its vibrant colors and beautiful photos of the children, the brochure gives an overview of Progeria, PRF’s programs and services, the progress we are making toward the cure, and the connection of Progeria to aging.

Our heartfelt thanks to all those who provided pro bono services to make these brochures a reality: Our friends Julie Pritchard of JCR Design in Foxboro, MA, Melanie Hoffman of Brandnu Marketing in Addison, TX, and Jeff Maxwell and family of Regina Printing in Belleville, NJ .

If you’d like to receive a hard copy of the brochure, please email your request to info@progeriaresearch.org

Our Logo

An opened rose carried by a seagull flying upward symbolizes hope and inspiration. The background is Sam’s hand print symbolizing the fact that Progeria afflicts children, most of whom never reach adulthood. Marie Migliaccio, a graphic designer who has known Sam since birth, lovingly created the artwork.

A detail of our Logo