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TEDx Talks

Sam Berns: “My Philosophy for a Happy Life” TEDxMidAtlantic, October 2013

This wildly popular talk has been viewed on both and TEDx a total of 94 million times and has been translated into 38 languages. Sam, the inspiration behind PRF’s founding, passed away in January 2014. He left behind a legacy through Life According to Sam and this talk, encouraging everyone not to let obstacles stop them from following their dreams. People all over the world – celebrities, professional athletes, corporate leaders, and others from all walks of life – were deeply affected by Sam’s words and example to live life to its fullest. As Sam now famously says in his talk, “Being brave isn’t supposed to be easy – but for me, it’s the key way to keep moving forward.” We agree, as we move forward to finish what we started: Together, we WILL find the cure for Progeria.

Scott Berns: “A Tribute to Sam and Thank you to the TEDx Community” TEDxMidAtlantic, October 2015

In September 2015, also at TEDx Mid Atlantic, Sam’s Dad, Dr. Scott Berns celebrated Sam not only with his own short talk, but also by wearing the special shirt they both wore to all the Dave Matthews Band concerts they attended together.

Watch Scott’s special talk about Sam, learn the title of Sam’s favorite book, and rediscover Sam’s philosophy for a happy life.

Dr. Leslie Gordon, PRF’s Medical Director: “The Difference that Makes a Difference” TEDx Charlottesville, November 2013

The lessons of this lecture are powerful and inspiring. Sharing her “Secret Sauce” for making anything possible, Dr. Gordon urges audience members to apply a version of this secret sauce to their own personal obstacles. Her ingredients are a reflection of all that PRF has, and will, accomplish.