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HBO Documentary’s Life According to Sam heightens awareness of Progeria and PRF’s work worldwide. An unforgettable, inspiring, award-winning film about the power of hope, love and determination.

Starting with its premiere in January 2013 at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, Life According to Sam (LATS) captivated audiences and won numerous awards, including an Emmy! This 90-minute film about Progeria, the extraordinary Sam Berns, his parents’ and PRF’s search for a cure, and the family’s ability to live life to its fullest has captivated and inspired millions.  Enjoy the details provided below and through the tabs to the left, and visit the film website at HBO to see the trailer.

“Watching an unbelievable documentary called Life According to Sam. Inspiring in every way.”

#LiveLikeSam #SamBerns

“Just watched the HBO doc, Life According to Sam. I want to be more like him…He makes the world a better place.”

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft attends the October 2013 HBO premiere in New York City. After meeting Sam at a team practice and seeing the film, Mr. Kraft was inspired to donate a $500,000 matching gift to help fund the Progeria clinical trial expansion. “This is a must-see film”, he said. “It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. And, most importantly, I think it will motivate people to want to do more to help.”Photo Credit: Thos Robinson/Getty/HBO

Sam and Katie Couric on the set of her show the day after the HBO premiere in NYC. Sam spoke about overcoming obstacles, and Leslie and Scott discussed the progress toward a cure for Progeria. Katie and her crew said it was one of the most meaningful and popular interviews. Watch it on