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Scientific Publications

Funding research is the key to success. Every new research finding brings us closer to the cure!

A major goal of PRF is to promote awareness about the progress being made in the field of Progeria research. Interest has flourished since the gene discovery, as more and more high-level scientists produce data that will help better understand Progeria and develop treatments. The number of publications continues to rise, many of which acknowledge PRF grant, cell bank or database support, and are published in well-known, respected scientific journals read by researchers worldwide. 

From 1950-2002, there were an average of 14 publications per year on Progeria, most of which were case reports or reviews. Since the gene finding in 2003, the publication numbers have climbed significantly, and today over 100 scientific studies on Progeria are published each year. We wonder if there is any other disease field in the history of science that has been able to generate this kind of interest and progress so quickly, and have great hopes this will translate into more treatments and cure, the mission of PRF, in the near future.

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