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The PRF Cell & Tissue Bank provides medical researchers with genetic and biological material from Progeria patients and their families so that research on Progeria and other aging-related diseases can be performed. We’ve been hard at work with donor families and their physicians to gather these precious biological materials.

Why is the PRF Cell & Tissue Bank Essential to Progress in the Field of Progeria?
Access to Progeria cells and tissues is critical for studying the biology of disease, determining successful treatment strategies and ultimately finding the cure. Because Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome is an extremely rare condition, there must be a central repository which holds a sufficient number of samples to facilitate global research into Progeria and its aging-related disorders.  The PRF Cell & Tissue Bank ensures that this resource need is met!  Since its inception in 2002, The PRF Cell & Tissue Bank has grown from offering just a few cell lines to over 200 lines today.

The PRF Cell and Tissue Bank Has Distributed Biological Materials and lonafarnib to Researchers Around the World
The PRF Cell and Tissue Bank has provided cell lines, biological material and lonafarnib to researchers from over 200 laboratories in 28 countries.  For a complete list of researchers who have received material from the PRF Cell and Tissue Bank, download the PDF below or click here.

 Goals of The PRF Cell & Tissue Bank are to Promote the Following:

  • Sufficient availability of cells for approved research projects
  • Incentive for new research projects
  • Study of the biochemical basis for Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome
  • Discovery of relationships between Progeria and generalized aging
  • Discoveries leading to new treatments for children with Progeria
  • Discovery of a cure for Progeria

The PRF Cell and Tissue Bank was essential for finding the gene mutation responsible for Progeria, and for testing multiple treatments in preclinical studies.  For a full list of publications stemming from use of the PRF Cell & Tissue Bank, download the PDF below.


Contacts for Questions and Assistance

Principal Investigator: Leslie B. Gordon, MD, Ph.D.;

PRF Cell & Tissue Bank: Wendy Norris.;


Institutional Review Board Approval

The PRF Cell and Tissue Bank is Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved by the Rhode Island Hospital Committee on the Protection of Human Subjects, Federal Wide Assurance FWA00001230, study CMTT#0146-09

Special Thanks:

PRF has partnered with the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) for storage and distribution of iPSC lines.  Many thanks to Dr. William Stanford and Dr. Wing Chang for their assistance in establishing the iPSC branch of this bank.

Thank you to the many foundations that have supported the PRF Cell & Tissue Bank with generous grants.

Additional thanks go to Sharon Terry, CEO and President of The Genetic Alliance, Dr. David Kiszkiss, Director of Commercial Development at the Brown University Research Foundation, and Claire Driscoll, Associate Director in the Technology Transfer Office at the National Human Genome Research Institute for their help in establishing this Bank.