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Our People

When Drs. Leslie Gordon and Scott Berns’ only child Sam was diagnosed with Progeria in 1998, they immediately began to collect as much information as they could find on the disease. They discovered that there wasn’t much available: there was no way to definitively test for the disease, no funding for Progeria research, and no organization advocating for children with Progeria. So in 1999, they gathered family, friends and colleagues and established The Progeria Research Foundation to find the cause, treatment and cure for Progeria.

Since then, hundreds of dedicated volunteers have joined the PRF team to help advance the field of Progeria research at an extraordinary rate. PRF’s Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, Committee members, Corporate Officers, lawyers, accountants, graphic designers and public relations representatives all devote their time, energy and talents to PRF for free to ensure less is spent on administrative costs and more on raising awareness and finding a cure for Progeria.Click on the links to the left to read more about our core group, and also read about many of our other heroes, PRF’s Miracle Makers.