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Planned Giving

Be a Leader Today by Leaving a Legacy for a Future Cure

Leadership by Legacy members Marlene and John Marozzi, pictured here with their 3 grandchildren

You can make an even greater impact on PRF’s mission to cure Progeria by including PRF in your will or naming PRF as beneficiary of your retirement plan or insurance policy.

Support for finding the cure for Progeria – which has a biological connection to heart disease and the aging process – means your gift may also impact you, your family and the entire aging population. 

It’s simple way to make a lasting gift and a leave a true legacy. 

What kind of legacy do we want to leave? One that guarantees that all children with Progeria have every resource necessary. And if Progeria research improves the lives of millions with heart disease, what a gift to us all!

The Leadership By Legacy Society

Those who make a planned gift will be part of our Leadership by Legacy Society, consisting of forward-thinking individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to curing children with Progeria and the future of PRF through a planned gift designation. As a Society member, you will receive name listing on our website, in newsletters and in annual reports (unless anonymity is desired) and invitations to special donor events.

Bequest in Your Will or Trust

How: Name PRF in a will or trust and designate a stated dollar amount, specific property, shares of stock, percentage of the estate, or share of your remaining estate

Benefit: Receive an estate tax deduction

Retirement Assets

How: Name PRF as beneficiary of your 401K or other retirement plan

Benefit: Leaves less highly taxed assets for your beneficiaries

Life Insurance

How: (1) Name PRF as beneficiary of all or a percentage of your life insurance policy; or (2) Transfer ownership of your current policy – either paid in full or for which you will continue making premium payments

Benefit: Designating PRF as a beneficiary allows you to make a large gift at little cost. If you transfer the policy to PRF now, you may receive a charitable tax deduction for the present value of the policy and for payment of any future premiums

When designating PRF as beneficiary of your estate, insurance or retirement plan, we recommend including the following identifying language: The Progeria Research Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit corporation, organized and existing under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with the principal address of P.O. Box 3453, Peabody, Massachusetts, USA 01961

Once you complete your estate plans, or if you have already included PRF in your plans, kindly complete our Leadership by Legacy Commitment Form so that we can recognize you for your generosity. All information is kept in strictest confidence.