Teachers & Students: Bring LATS to the classroom!

Attention Jr. and Sr. High School Teachers and Students: Bring LATS to your classroom!

Inspiring and heartwarming, Life According to Sam is also a powerful tool for engaging middle and high school students in learning. The film sheds light on:

  • The biology of disease
  • The painstaking process of testing treatments
  • How determination can fuel creative problem-solving in the face of adversity
  • Lessons in peer inclusion and interpersonal relationships

High School Band Members & Directors: Check out keepmovingforwardmusic.com!  Arrangements written in honor of Sam and his love of music, Mark Miller’s “Keep Moving Forward” and Don Albro’s “Keep Burning Bright” are powerful and heartwarming, offering unique learning opportunities for music students.

PRF has created a Discussion Guide for teachers, with dialogue-generating questions on the important issues the film explores:

  • Science and technology
  • Problem solving
  • Empathy and relationships
  • Opportunities for service learning

We know it will be an important and memorable part of this year’s learning experience at school. We also encourage students to watch Sam’s 12-minute TEDx talk

“I am a 7th Grade Science instructor, teaching Genetic Disorders to my young students. Through discussion, lectures, and diagrams, we are learning about mutations, chromosomes and genetics. I culminate the unit in showing Life According to Sam.  The students have outstanding questions and are completed fascinated as they watch Sam’s story unfold. Sam’s message is being heard, and will continue to be heard for years to come in my classes.”