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Progeria Scientific



PRF has organized and co-sponsored four subspecialty meetings and eight open enrollment workshops. The Progeria Research Foundation 9th International Scientific Workshop,“MANY PATHWAYS, ONE GOAL”, is scheduled for September 20-22, 2018, in Boston, MA.

PRF has brought scientists and clinicians together with our workshops to share their expertise for the sake of the children, so that research results are faster and more efficient. In addition to the rave reviews of the

content, collegial atmosphere and structure of the workshops, many attendees have said PRF’s research-related programs provide an incentive to conducting Progeria-related work.

2018 Scientific Workshop: “Many Pathways, One Goal”

2016 Scientific Workshop: “Across the Table, Around the Globe”

2013 Scientific Workshop: Hand in Hand: Basic & Clinical Science Working Together Toward the Cure

2012: International Sub-specialty Meeting: “New Frontiers In Progeria Research”

2010 Workshop on Progeria:  “From Bench to Bedside in a Decade”

2007 PRF Workshop on Progeria

2005 International Workshop on Progeria

2004 Bone Marrow Transplant Scientific Meeting

2003 NIH-PRF Workshop

2001 NIH-PRF International Workshop – the 1st of its kind!

Research Consortium Meetings: The Group that Discovered the Progeria Gene!