Lonafarnib Pre-clinical Drug Supply Program

Lonafarnib Available for Research

PRF is making the farnesyltransferase inhibitor lonafarnib available to the research community. Our goal is to support preclinical studies to further investigate the effects of lonafarnib on Progeria.

It is PRF’s steadfast mission to find better treatments and a cure for children with Progeria. Lonafarnib has been shown to benefit some aspects of the disease clinically, (Gordon et al, PNAS, 2012) as well as influence increased estimated lifespan, (Gordon et al, Circulation, 2014) (Gordon et al, JAMA, 2018) but it is not curative. As new compounds are identified with the potential to ameliorate HGPS, we anticipate the need to test these compounds in combination with lonafarnib in vitro and in animal models.

Many thanks to the pharmaceutical companies Merck and Eiger BioPharmaceuticals for making this program possible.

Ordering Information:

The material is supplied at no cost.  Recipient pays for all shipping charges. To receive lonafarnib, please fill out an application and material transfer agreement, and submit to wnorris@lifespan.org 

Application and Agreement

Material Transfer Agreement for Non-government Institutions**

** PRF has a policy of no changes to our MTA.

Contacts for Questions and Assistance:

Principal Investigator: Leslie B. Gordon, MD, PhD; lgordon@progeriaresearch.org

PRF Cell & Tissue Bank: Wendy Norris; wnorris@lifespan.org

For U.S. Federal Government Institutions or questions, please contact Wendy Norris, Research Study Coordinator, at wnorris@lifespan.org or 401 274-1122.