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May 2013: Introducing PRF By The Numbers! 

PRF By The Numbers  is an easy-to-read data sharing tool originating from The Progeria Research Foundation’s programs and services. 

Data collected from within our programs is presented in charts and graphs to track our progress year to year, so you can see where we’ve been, and the advancements we’ve made for children with Progeria. 

It is presented as a slide presentation that you can download. 

 PRF By The Numbers

PRF By The Numbers  is intended for a broad array of users

Families and children with Progeria

  The general public and nonscientists of all ages 



  The media

Everyone benefits by knowing and learning as much as possible about Progeria - the scientific and medical communities, the public, and the children.

Here are 2 slides included in the PRF By The Numbers presentation:

Introductory slide #7 illustrates the process by which children participate in PRF's programs

Overview slide #14 shows growth in number of identified children worldwide.

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