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Awareness of Progeria continues with the airing of a 20/20 special featuring Lindsay, Kaylee and Hayley, three girls with Progeria

On September 10, 2010, ABC’s 20/20 aired a 1-hour program on Progeria entitled, When Seven Looks Like 70…A Race Against Time for Three Young Girls. The show was a wonderful portrayal of Lindsay, Kaylee and Hayley and their families, and we thank Barbara Walters and producer Muriel Pearson for bringing Progeria into the homes of millions of viewers.

The Progeria Research Foundation appreciates every effort to raise awareness about Progeria, and is pleased that Barbara Walters and ABC recognize the unique and remarkable nature of these special children, as well as Progeria’s connection to the aging process that affects us all.

Please note that any information about effects of the drug(s) used in Progeria clinical drug trials that was shared on the 20/20 program has not been provided by or approved by The Progeria Research Foundation. We hope the results of the first-ever drug trial will be published in the near future, and will share those results publicly at the time of publication. To learn how you can help children with Progeria, click here.

Watch the entire broadcast here, and read the nearly 500 comments on the show here.

Hayley makes a closing statement to the researchers at the 2010 workshop on Progeria, “Thank you for finding a cure.”

Lindsay and Kaylee, in Boston September 2009 for their final visit in the first clinical trial (for which they received
trophies!) and their 1st visit for the new, triple drug trial.