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News of the first-ever treatment for Progeria is spreading around the globe, with dozens of media outlets reporting on this remarkable advancement. Click here to read the announcement, and see below for links on dozens of articles, radio clips and TV airings!

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The public’s fascination with Progeria and its relation to aging continues to rise, as word of the first treatment for children with Progeria spreads. Check out these stories on-line and on-air from top-tier outlets.  Be the first to know as more stories appear: ‘like’ us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or send us your email address.

Devin from Canada during a 2008 visit to Boston Children’s Hospital for the Progeria clinical drug trial.

What people are saying…

“the result of a scientific sprint” – Robert Siegel, NPR

“There’s been an unexpected payoff for the rest of humanity…some…will be looking for ways to use this new information to ward off a range of diseases associated with aging… perhaps the most remarkable thing about the new treatment is how fast it was developed.”  – Jon Hamilton, NPR

“Now, we not only have our first treatment, but we know for the first time that Progeria can be improved, and this inspires us to work harder and faster toward additional treatments that could work in conjunction with Lonafarnib to make a difference in the health of children with Progeria.”   – PRF’s Medical Director Dr. Leslie Gordon, CNN Health

“The first time anyone has done anything that in any way, shape or form altered the natural history of this disease.” – Progeria Drug trial Chair Dr. Mark Kieran, The Boston Globe

“[These results] show the dedication parents and non-profits have in the rare disease community to get things done when all seems lost… this study is a great example of how a small non-profit can help stimulate and translate basic biomedical and genetic research into a human treatment.” James Radke PhD, Rare Disease Report

“It’s huge, It’s a miracle. Devin has new hope, dreams, his saying is, “Dream big or go home” – Jamie, CNN Health

“The continuing story of conquering Progeria is a glorious illustration of the value of basic research in discovering how something happens – and that’s the heart and soul of science.” Ricki Lewis, PhD, PLOS  LINK:

Spectrum Health’s Frannie Marmorstein excitedly holds the Sept. 25, 2012 edition of the Wall Street Journal, showing the trial results article above the fold on the front page!

See complete articles here…

WBF 88.7 – NPR News –LISTEN to Robert Siegel’s “All Things Considered” interview with PRF’s Medical Director and her son Sam! (link no longer available)

WATCH the news report on Boston’s local abc affiliate, WCVB-TV (link no longer available)

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First-Ever Treatment For Rare Childhood Aging Disease Shows Improvement In All Trial Participant (link no longer available)

Study of Rare Disease Helps in Search for Clues on Aging /  Drug Slows Damage in Children That Also Is Linked to Heart Problems in Others

CNN Health

Advances in kids’ early aging disease

New trial targets rapid-aging childhood disease (link no longer available)

Science Daily: Drug Originally Developed for Cancer Proves Effective for Children With Progeria

90.9 WBUR CommonHealth: First Treatment Found For Rapid-Aging Disease In Children (link no longer available)

We are eternally grateful to the fantastic team at Spectrum for their tireless efforts to spread the word about Progeria and PRF’s work.