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After seeing Life According to Sam, our generous friend Robert Kraft issued a Matching Gift Challenge to help Sam and his friends, up to $500,000 from October 8-23rd to jump-start our $4 million campaign for the triple trial. Thanks to thousands of generous people, we raised $678,262. With the Kraft Challenge match that’s nearly $1.18 million so that more children can participate in our clinical trials, and more research can go into finding the cure. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

“I have fallen in love with Sam and I am sure that sentiment is shared by anyone who has ever spent time with him,” said Kraft. “Life According to Sam is an amazing and powerful film that will introduce Sam, his family and his story to a national audience. Sam is a star and what his parents have achieved in their search to find a cure is incredibly inspirational. Together, they are championing a cause that has already positively impacted the lives of children around the world. This is a must-see film. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. And, most importantly, I think it will motivate people to want to do more to help.”