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This year, we’re reflecting on two decades of

groundbreaking milestones that have put us on the

Road to the Cure.


Since 1999, PRF has taken Progeria from complete obscurity to worldwide recognition… from finding the cause, to funding clinical trials that resulted in a treatment giving the children stronger hearts and longer lives. Now we are firmly on the path to the cure.


All of this progress has been – and continues to be – possible because of supporters like YOU!



Our work is positively affecting an entire generation of children. 


Like Enzo, a busy 7-year-old from Australia, who loves Star Wars and Legos, taking swim and dance lessons, and playing with his mates! Enzo first came to Boston for the lonafarnib trial when he was 3, and we are thrilled at all he is capable of doing in his action-packed life.
Sammy is 23 and from Italy. He recently graduated from college with the highest honors and co-authored a research study on a potential new therapy that could one day help cure Progeria.
And Alptug, age 2, loves cars and playing with his older brother. He traveled from Turkey and was one of the youngest children to begin taking lonafarnib. We are so excited about his bright future!
We won’t stop until we find the cure. Please help us keep this tremendous momentum going. Our ONEpossible campaign goal is $150,000.
Be ONE to make the cure POSSIBLE!