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Dear runners, walkers, and supporters:

This year, to keep everyone safe, our Race for Research will occur VIRTUALLY — from a location of your choice, the weekend of September 26 – 27!  We invite you to walk 2 miles or run a 5K in the comfort of your neighborhood, a familiar bike path, or even your treadmill — the options are endless!

For the first time ever, we’re able to make participation in this race truly international! Please join us “at home,” with the help of our LEAD SPONSOR, NORTH SHORE BANK, to make this our biggest, best, global event yet!!

One new way to participate is by sharing photos of you on your course with your PRINTABLE BIB to our Facebook page – HERE with  #PRFraceforresearch.  Show us where you are with a city sign or t-shirt, which pet you’re running with, your social distancing skills with fellow walkers/runners, etc.

The race course is changing, but our mission to help these children and young adults is not, so we’re counting on you more than ever to help us cure Progeria!​

Interested in becoming a Race Sponsor?  Check out our Sponsorship opportunities HERE!

Get to know our 2020 Race Sponsors:

PRF Ambassador
Meghan Waldron finishing the 2019 race.

Livia in Brazil

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Debbie Mendelson Ponn

Peabody Rotary Club

 Beasley & The Milbury Family

Daisy & Victoria Robbin

Fred, Jack, and Scruffy Gordon-Reed!

Peter Albert &

In memory of Sam Berns

Peabody Rotary Club

Kim Paratore

Peggy & Jody Pedro

Mblue Labs

Patrice & John Tierney


Alyse and David Barbash

Edward Cassidy

Gonzalo Lab – St Louis University