Be a Miracle Maker

Make the Miracle of a Cure happen – become a Miracle Maker Today!

A Miracle Maker is a volunteer who raises awareness and money for PRF by running a fundraiser of their own, or does something else special to help PRF carry out its mission.

Bake sales, Bar/Bat Mitzvah projects, Sweet 16 parties, car washes, road races, concerts – choose your favorite activities to raise funds to support PRF’s work. Be creative, have fun, and invite your friends, family and coworkers to join in. We’ve got lots of tips to help make your event a success!.

Enjoy these wonderful stories of creative and generous ways people are making a difference in the lives of children with Progeria.

Please join our ever-growing group of heroes. Working together in a variety of ways, we WILL find a cure

Amazing Miracle Makers

Below is just a sample of our AMAZING Miracle Makers. Check out our Facebook page for more Miracle Makers, Upcoming Events & lots more!

Thank you Hayden for making a difference in the lives of children with Progeria! And what a terrific note from his mom.

“Hayden is 9 years old and a huge New England sports fan. He saw a Bruins game on TV in November that featured Sam Berns talking with the Bruins commentators. Hayden was very moved by Sam’s confidence, bravery and positive attitude. Hayden first just asked if we could do the $10 text for Progeria but then after that wanted to do more. He made 30 rubber band bracelets on his rainbow loom that he gave to family at Thanksgiving. In return they gave him donations that we sent to your foundation.

Sam is a truly inspirational young man and I’m so proud of Hayden for being inspired and committed to his goal of sending in his donation. Thank you for the work you do to help find a cure for Progeria!” ~Allison, Hayden’s proud Mom

Many thanks to Owen and the “Friends of Sam” in Foxborough, MA who held a huge bake sale/fundraiser on January 19th, raising just over $5,000 for PRF!

We are overwhelmed with gratitude to all of the ‘Kids Helping Kids’!

Owen (in the gray sweatshirt) and his friends.