Hats ON for Progeria

Join the fun and have a HatsON for Progeria Day Fundraiser at your school or business. Just like a Dress Down Day, Pajama Day, or Jeans Friday, a HatsON Day is a simple but FUN way to raise awareness and funds for PRF and all the special children with Progeria.

What is Hats ON for Progeria?

Hats ON for Progeria is similar to a dress down day except it’s WAY MORE FUN!  Wear your favorite baseball hat, fedora, shower cap or PRF hat to work or school and show your support for The Progeria Research Foundation by wearing your hat and making a donation. Wear your very own PRF hat for the event! Hats are tan or blue and available in the PRF webstore.

How do I participate in Hats ON for Progeria?

Become an Event Organizer! Host a Hats ON for Progeria event at your school or office.

As a Hats ON for Progeria Event Organizer your job is to promote the event: encourage participation, collect all donations and make the event FUN! Consider giving out an award for most creative hat, take a picture of your team in their hats, set a fundraising goal and keep people up to date on how you are progressing! Make sure to post on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media using #HatsOnProgeria, and send us your photos to post on the Facebook Event page! We have more information and suggestions on our

Downloadable Materials for Hats ON for Progeria 

Student Organizers: be sure to check with your Principal or school administration before you start organizing your event.

Business/Office Organizers: involve your HR department. Do they have a Matching Gift Program that would match the employee donations? Is there a way to increase participation by asking departments to compete against each other? Be creative and have fun with increasing your company’s impact and support for these inspirational children. The first step to becoming a Hats ON for Progeria Event Organizer is to REGISTER.

Once you are signed up, download our Hats ON for Progeria Materials and start planning your event!