Pennsylvania – Philadelphia Chapter

Pennsylvania – Philadelphia Chapter –led by Nathan and Bennett’s family and friends

Team Fighting for Their Future, is the Philadelphia Chapter of PRF. It’s lead by the Nathan and Bennett’s parents and friends of the family. Our goal is to FIGHT FOR THEIR FUTURE, so that Nathan and Bennett can live long healthy lives. We will only achieve this through funding research that finds a cure in time to stop the progression of this disorder.

This group organizes an annual Make a Splash fundraiser to raise awareness in the local community and to raise funds for PRF. They also organize smaller events throughout the year at local businesses.

The Board Members are:

  • Michelle Kirschner, President
  • Mark and Phyllis Falcone, Co-Vice President
  • Board Members:
  • Sue Perricelli
  • Julia Fleming
  • Heather Fitcher
  • Christine Bischof
  • Amy Barth

For more information about this chapter please e-mail or visit their Facebook Page