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Millions Watch ABC’s Primetime on October 16th

SamWe hope you joined the millions of people around the country to watch the inspiring story of how The Progeria Research Foundation was created – a story of hope, courage and determination of one family who turned a tragedy into something positive and helpful for children with Progeria.

On Thursday, October 16th, 2003 at 10 pm eastern standard time, ABC’s Primetime aired a special report on Sam, a boy with Progeria, his physician parents and The Progeria Research Foundation, the organization Sam’s family started so that children with Progeria would be brought to the forefront of medical research and could have a chance to live healthy, long lives. Also featured was the recent groundbreaking Progeria gene discovery that will lead to treatments and a cure. This discovery signifies a momentous breakthrough that promises to shed new light on Progeria as well as normal human aging and America’s #1 killer: heart disease.

Want to get even more involved? Lots of PRF supporters are hosting Primetime Parties, bringing together a few friends in their homes for a showing of the Primetime show and asking for their support of PRF.

If you would like to host a Primetime Party, call us at 978-535-2594 or email for details.

We hope you watched the show. We know if you did, you’ll agree…
It’s Prime Time to support PRF!Millions Watch ABC’s Primetime on
October 16th