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Clik Here to read about the show featuring Dr. Leslie Gordon, PRF’s Medical Director and Kaylee Halko, and  Here to support Kaylee and the research.

The Dr. Oz Show  aired a very special segment on Progeria with Dr. Leslie Gordon, PRF’s Medical Director, Kaylee Halko and her parents, and geneticist Dr. Jeffrey Innis. Six-year-old Kaylee charmed the audience, and Leslie spoke as the expert on Progeria and its fascinating relation to aging. Click here to read The Dr. Oz Show story.

With an audience averaging 3.5 million viewers daily, The Dr. Oz Show, debuting just 6 months ago, has raced to the top of the charts as the #3 daytime talk show. We are thrilled that such a popular and well-respected medical show sees the value of Progeria research, not only for children like Kaylee, but for the entire aging population.

We’ve set up a page on FirstGiving for all those who want to support our mission to help Kaylee and her friends – you can also include a note to her and her family! Go to and thank you!

Dr. Gordon, Tim Halko, daughter Kaylee with Dr. Oz, Marla Halko and Dr. Innis, on the set of The Dr. Oz Show in February