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Due to the incredible success of previous years’ campaigns in 2009 and 2015, we are thrilled to announce the 2019 launch of our ‘Find the Children’ initiative to search globally for the undiagnosed children with Progeria so that they, too, can have access to the unique care they need.

In partnership with GlobalHealth PR, a worldwide health communications group, as well as its sister agencies abroad – MediaMedic in India, and Madison Communications in China, PRF is building an international awareness campaign to assure the greatest possible reach.

The campaign is kicking off with a launch in India this week, leveraging partnerships with local associations, physicians, and government institutions, as well as social and traditional media outlets. Over the coming weeks and months, stay with us for updates on our upcoming campaign launches in Bangladesh and China as well. With an estimated 200 unknown children with Progeria worldwide, about 2/3 of whom we believe are in China and India, we hope this effort brings many more children to PRF.

When we first launched the previous campaign ten years ago, we knew of only 54 children. That number has tripled, with 161 children identified that are living with Progeria throughout the world, in large part due to our pro-active efforts.

Read our press release that was posted in India on 9/19/19 HERE, and click HERE for more information on our Find the Children campaign. 

Here’s Audrey Gordon, PRF’s President and Executive Director, on the importance of this campaign launch in India: