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We are close to a very exciting milestone – Sam Berns’ eternally inspiring TEDx talk, ‘My Philosophy for a Happy Life,’ is quickly approaching 50 million views on

Sam’s talk is shown in middle-school classrooms to teach about growth mindset, in the military as an element of leadership training, and in homes around the world to help us during challenging times (like the COVID-19 pandemic). ‘My Philosophy for a Happy Life’ is also the seventh most viewed talk of all time on the TED channel, where it has been viewed an additional 45 million times!

In celebration of what would have been Sam’s 26th birthday on October 23rd, we’re asking our wonderful community to view the talk so that we reach 50 million views this month, and contribute $50, $150, $250, or $500 (or more!) to fund breakthrough research to cure Progeria.

Sam was all about moving forward and focusing on what each of us can do to make our lives – and the world – better. Thank you for helping us make the lives of those with Progeria better, too.  Together, we WILL find the cure!

We’ve got about 50,782 views to go – Enjoy Sam’s TEDx talk here.