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Exciting news! Sam Berns’ TEDx talk, ‘My Philosophy for a Happy Life,’ has inspired millions around the world, and today hit a new milestone: 50 million views on alone (with a grand total of 95 million when including views seen through

Sam’s talk is shown in middle-school classrooms to teach about growth mindset, in the military as an element of leadership training, and in homes around the world to help us during challenging times (like the COVID-19 pandemic). ‘My Philosophy for a Happy Life’ is the seventh most viewed talk of all time on the TED channel, recently surpassing Bill Gates’ presentation on pandemics.

Sam’s philosophies:

😊 Be okay with what you ultimately can’t do, because there is so much you CAN do;

😊 Surround yourself with people you want to be around;

😊 Keep moving forward; and

😊 Never miss a party if you can help it.

Hear from fans on YouTube:

This is absolutely phenomenal and worth the time to watch, so inspiring.

One of the most articulate and well-spoken 17-year-olds I’ve ever seen in my life.

Your memory will live on in our minds, souls and hearts forever, Sam. You were the best example for determination, optimism and hopefulness. I was deeply touched with your innocence, kindness and awesome, truthful speech.