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We are proud to announce …

The Progeria Research Foundation’s 10th International Scientific Workshop

Since its inception in 1999, our scientific workshops have provided a platform that fosters collaboration among top minds in Progeria research, cardiovascular disease and aging. World-renowned physicians, clinicians and scientists have the opportunity to come together to share the latest advances in Progeria research and set the stage for future discoveries.

At the start of the conference, basic, preclinical and clinical research scientists are invited to meet with some of the children with Progeria and their families, who will deliver a first-hand account on the experience of living with Progeria. Next, scientific presentations showcase the latest developments in biological and clinical research on Progeria, while also featuring cutting-edge research tools, such as biomarkers and gene editing, and revealing new data on potential treatments with small molecules and RNA therapeutics.

Our poster sessions are a highlight of the workshop, allowing young investigators to present fresh new ideas in the field of Progeria.


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